Smart Tour Systems provides the full solution for all your multilingual tour guide system needs, complete with a 5 year warranty.

We'll meet your needs in full and save you money. We provide technical support, DIY installation OR we install. Choose wired or wireless multiple language systems while we provide software tools for self-maintenance. Smart Tour Systems are coupled with renowned Great Guide content, providing extraordinary, magical GPS triggered content, with original storytelling written by travel writers that we fly to locations all over the world. New content is provided as you require it in up to 31 languages.

Some amazing customers we've had
the pleasure of working with.

Role & Company: Sales Director at Unvi

Being our company UNVI the worldwide leader in the manufacturing of open top double decker buses and open top medium size coaches, we often work together with GreatGuide and their products. Based on our experience, it has always been easy to work together.

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Role & Company: Tours & Tickets

We have been working with the Great Guide team for many years and we highly appreciate the added value of their services, enabling millions of customers to get to know the fascinating story of a unique city!

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Role & Company: City Sightseeing Cape Town

GreatGuide was commissioned by City Sightseeing Cape Town to develop the fully integrated end-to-end solution, which has proved popular with thousands of visitors. The fleet has grown significantly and is now expanding into night tours as well…

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